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Our History

Lakshmi Group is a Hyderabad headquartered multi-dimensional rapidly growing APís No.1 Automobiles Dealer entity with an extremely diversified portfolio that includes mammoth showrooms and state of art workshops across twin cities and other important cities in Andhra Pradesh and it consolidated its position of strength in quality sales and service. It was the brain child of erstwhile Member of Parliament (Rajyasabha) K. Rama Mohan Rao founded in the year of 1989 with a passion to lead Automobile Dealer Industry in the State. It is anchored by an extraordinary multifaceted work force of more than 2100 employees, hired from different parts of India and Andhra Pradesh.

Lakshmi Group enjoys leadership in its businesses, being the largest automobile dealer for having World renowned brands like Hero Moto Corp, Hyundai, Nissan, Honda, Harley Davidson and Ashok Leyland. The business activities include sales & services and distribution of spare parts.

Diversification Horizon

Considering India's diverse alloy needs and anticipating the high demand in future, Lakshmi Group actively engaged in the area manufacturing Ferro Alloy Products. With its foray into the Manufacturing sector, the Group has established itself as a front runner and pioneer in the core Ferro alloys production in the state. Based in the eastern State of AP well known for its rich natural resources, Sri Jayalakshmi Ferro Alloys achieved a status of fully integrated producer of Ferro Silicon and Ferro Silicon Magnesium.

Lakhsmi Group entered into Food and Hospitality Sector by bringing in the Australian's Ultimate Coffee Brand Di Bella Coffee to Hyderabad. Di Bella Coffee will also be the first coffee chain in India to have a full digital interactive platform throughout all stores. This will include tablet PC's on each table for menu ordering, internet & email usage. With two coffee shops in Hyderabad Lakshmi Group is eyeing for more outlets in other cities.

Its systems are simple, transparent and seamless with inbuilt tracking and control mechanisms. Delegation and empowerment to the employees is a part of its culture thus ensuring all round efficiency. It adopts the best HR Practices in the industry to hire and retain the quality manpower at its optimum level


Lakshmi Group for the first time is expanding its wings to other states like Karnataka. Establishing as the best Automobile distributor in Andhra Pradesh, Lakshmi Group has come up with its prime Dealership Hyundai to Bangalore. Customer satisfaction being the prime focus of the group, they are here in Bangalore to give utmost service to all its customers of Hyundai


Kambhampati Rama Mohan Rao - Chairman
Kambhampati Jairam - Managing Director
Kambhampati Swathi - Director


  • 1987 - Establishment of Lakshmi Motors - Hero Motor Corp
  • 1996 - Establishment of Sri Lakshmi Motors - Hero Motor Corp
  • 1998 - Establishment of Sri Jayalakshmi Automotives Pvt Ltd - Hyundai
  • 2006 - Establishment of Sri Jayalakshmi Automotives Pvt Ltd (Vizag) - Hyundai
  • 2006 - Establishment of Lakshmi Safe Hands - Hyundai
  • 2007 - Elite status from HMIL
  • 2007 - Establishment of Sri Jayalakshmi Automotives Pvt Ltd (Rajahmundry) - Hyundai
  • 2009 - Establishment of Dhanalakshmi Automotives India Pvt Ltd - Nissan
  • 2009 - Establishment of Sri Jayalakshmi Ferro Alloys Pvt Ltd
  • 2010 - Establishment of Sri Jayalakshmi Automobiles Pvt Ltd - Harley-Davidson
  • 2012 - Establishment of Sri Dhanalakshmi Automobiles Pvt Ltd - Honda
  • 2012 - Establishment of Sri Jayalakshmi Automotives Pvt Ltd (Vijayanagaram) - Hyundai
  • 2012 - Establishment of Sri Jayalakshmi Automotives Pvt Ltd (Bangalore) - Hyundai
  • 2012 - Establishment of Lakshmi Automotives India Pvt Ltd (Vizag) - Ashok Leyland
  • 2013 - Establishment of Jayalakshmi Hospitality Pvt Ltd - Di Bella Coffee